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What’s “Indemnity?” & Indemnity Hospital Plans

Female doctor with piggy bank sitting at white table, closeup. Health care insurance concept

What does “indemnity” mean to insurance experts? And, what types of indemnity insurance plans are there? In this article, we go over what indemnity broadly means in the insurance world, as well as more specifically – why you would want

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HMO vs. PPO | Which is Right for You?

HMO vs PPO written on notebook in sharpie, with wad of cash, calculator, and reading glasses

HMO vs. PPO – What you need to know. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) vs. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Oh, health insurance… So much to consider, down to even the type of health plan. So, which is right for you? In

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Insurance Buy-Out | 25% Off Premiums for MA State Employees

Massachusetts State House

From October 3 – 28 the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC) is accepting applicants for insurance buyouts that could save you money on your health insurance. Is GIC coverage right for you? Find out what GIC policyholders are saying about

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Waiver | How to save tuition by waiving student health plan.

Student struggling

Why is my tuition more expensive than I expected?  🤔📖 It could be because of your school’s added student health plan. Image by Timely MD New college students in Massachusetts may be surprised to see an additional insurance cost on

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