Data Security Vulnerabilities at an All Time High

While GDPR compliance has forced big tech companies to adhere to higher privacy and security policies, we continue to see data misuse soar throughout the pandemic. Trackers and monitoring are at a high with remote work software solutions collecting and monitoring data without our knowledge.

Additionally, businesses are overlooking data security to attend to their businesses’ survival. Yet, big tech isn’t going to cease in their practices of collecting and using data for financial gain until they’re caught red-handed. Businesses must take charge of their own data security and privacy by planning in advance and investigating the software they use and what they want to use in the future.

Unless businesses take a stand against privacy misuse and work to protect their company and employees, little will change. COVID-19 has turned software security risks into a ticking time bomb with little left on the clock and attention focused elsewhere. If companies both small and large can work on taking security more seriously, we can avoid devastating breaches and security disasters for years to come.

By: Small Business Trends

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