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What is the Massachusetts Fair Plan?

The Massachusetts Fair Plan was originally created in the 1960s as a safety-net insurance option for “high-risk homes”. In recent decades, it’s been the only insurance option for many coastal homeowners. Today, the Fair Plan still insures a fair portion of coastal homes, but more and more coastal homeowners are switching to private insurers. Continue reading to find out if you’re getting the best premium for your property.

New England coastal home

Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA- November 1, 2021- Biodegradable erosion control fiber rolls known as coir logs are installed at the base of a man made sand dune to try to protect the seaside homes from being destroyed by winter storms and excessive high tides. Unfortunately, in this applications success was only marginal and this application failed after an early Nor’easter.

In a rising-tides environment of coastal home insurance premiums, will your wallet sink or swim? 

Coastal homeowners on the North Shore down through Cape Cod are exploring their home insurance options to maximize their savings. 

As a coastal homeowner, you know the risks better than anybody. But whether you’re a long-time coastal homeowner or brand new – you need to know, it’s not going to let up anytime soon. In fact, living by the water has never been a bigger liability. Massachusetts charts choppy waters ahead for coastal homes

“In coastal areas, rising sea levels may erode shorelines, threaten coastal drinking water supplies with salt-water intrusion, and displace residents. Sea level rise also contributes to higher storm surges and flooding during coastal storm events. “Tidal flooding” may damage beaches, roadways, and buildings. Flooding may expose individuals to physical hazards, contaminated flood water and drinking water, and may displace residents, leading to permanent relocation.”


  • “More than half (53%) of Massachusetts residents live in coastal communities.” 
  • In the coming years, “scientists project that up to a half million people living along the Massachusetts coast may be at-risk.”
  • Over 1 in 5 Massachusetts residents live in FEMA-designated flood plains.
  • Nearly a quarter of Massachusetts towns are designated MEMA coastal storm surge zones.

Don’t let the costs of coastal living wash away your dreams of living by the water.

For new and longtime coastal homeowners, the MA Fair Plan is still a great place to start, but is it the best plan for you? Today, there are other options besides the MA Fair Plan that could save you money. Navigating coastal homeowners insurance can be turbulent, and Saltmarsh Insurance is here to help you set sail on a secure future for your home.

Contact Saltmarsh Insurance today to weigh your existing policy against other policies that could save you money.

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