Toll Booth Safety Awareness Campaign


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Massachusetts State Police
launched a Toll Plaza Safety Awareness Campaign calling attention to enhanced
safety measures currently in place at toll plazas across the Commonwealth.

This campaign was launched following the tragic death of a MassDOT toll
collector in July. The campaign includes public service announcements on message
boards, posters at E-ZPass toll lanes, and the distribution of speed limit
reminder tear-sheets to commuters at the ‘Cash Only’ toll booths. The principal
focus of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the posted speed limit at
toll plazas, and the potential hazards faced by the toll collectors who staff the
toll plazas when speed restrictions are not followed.

‘Highway safety is our highest priority at MassDOT, both for drivers, but also
for the men and women who staff our toll plazas, 24-hours a day, year round,’
said MassDOT Highway Administrator Thomas J. Tinlin. ‘This campaign highlights
the need for drivers to pay careful attention to posted speed limit signs and
other safety information when approaching and traveling through toll plazas. We
encourage travelers to be vigilant when driving through these areas to ensure the
well-being of those who work at these locations and members of the public.’

MassDOT has implemented safety improvements such as the installation of
additional advanced 15 MPH speed limit signs strategically located before each
toll booth, and reduced speed limit signs at the toll booths. In addition,
pavement markings immediately before each location have been refreshed. The
agency has also conducted a review of the lighting to make sure all equipment
is fully operational in these areas.

‘Through this campaign, we hope to remind motorists that safety is paramount
when traveling through toll plazas on the Turnpike, as well as the Sumner and
Ted Williams tunnels,’ said State Police Major Terry Hanson, Troop E Commander.
‘It is our goal that this campaign will prompt drivers to travel through toll
plazas with an extra measure of care, and to raise awareness that the toll
plazas are staffed 24/7.’

As a component of the campaign, State Police have also increased speed
enforcement at toll plazas. From Sept. 26 through Oct. 12, approximately 294
citations (Civil, Warning, and Criminal) have been written for violations which
occurred in the E-ZPass lanes. More than 1,200 citations have now been issued
since Aug. 27.



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