No-Exam Life Insurance | Everything You Need To Know

Can I get life insurance without a medical exam?

Yes! There are still plenty of life insurance options for those who don’t qualify otherwise. Whether it’s because of a pre-existing condition or high-risk occupation, there are life insurance policies built for you. Most life insurance policies do require a medical examination, including a physical and blood test. No-exam life insurance, by contrast, qualifies you without an exam – sometimes without answering any health questions.

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What is no-exam life insurance?

No-exam life insurance refers to coverage issued without a medical exam and without the need for an attending physician’s statement, a recent medical exam, or recent lab work. – Investopedia


When should you get life insurance with no exam?

If it’s all you need.

Maybe you only need a small amount of coverage to help your family with final expenses at a stressful time, and you don’t want to complete an insurance exam.

If you have health issues that may disqualify you.

For many, the unfortunate reality is that it’s natural to only think about life insurance when they begin to have health problems. By that time, it is especially difficult to get the affordable coverage you want. 

If you work in a high-risk occupation.

Firefighters, construction workers, race car drivers, and other ‘risky’ occupations may not qualify for conventional life insurance policies because of their line of work.


What Do No-Exam Life Insurance Policies Cover In Massachusetts?

While there are distinct differences between no-exam and conventional policies, the policy’s benefit is much the same. In Massachusetts, beneficiaries of the policy can use the benefit for:

  • Income Replacement
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Taking care of Disabled Family Members
  • College costs
  • Everyday Expenses
  • Outstanding Debts
  • Child or Dependent Care


Two Main Types of No-Exam Life Insurance Policies 

Simplified Issue

To qualify for a simplified issue policy, you must complete a detailed questionnaire about your health, your medical history and family medical history. Although you’re required to submit your previous medical records, you do not have to undergo a medical exam.

You can expect premiums on this type of policy to be higher than conventional policies with health exams. The coverage is typically capped between $25,000 to $300,000 depending on the results of your evaluation. Simplified issue policies are written for either term life or whole life coverage. 

In summation, simplified issue policies provide:

    • Convenience: The process is simple and doesn’t require the time and travel for a medical exam. A recent study found that 47% of Americans would prefer to buy life insurance through a simplified process.
    • Quick approval: Because there is no medical exam required, you can in some cases qualify immediately for coverage.
    • Coverage with health issues: This type of policy is specially designed for people who don’t qualify for conventional policies.


Guaranteed Issue

Another type of no-exam policy exists for those who don’t qualify or can’t afford conventional or simplified issue policies alike. With guaranteed issue life insurance, you are only required to answer a few questions about your health/medical history, and there is no medical exam.

Guaranteed issue policies have higher premiums in relation to the death benefit, which is typically capped under $25,000. It’s common to see these policies have graded death benefits. This means if the policyholder dies within the first two to three years after issuance, the beneficiaries only receive an amount equal to premiums paid thus far plus interest.

Guaranteed issue policies feature:

    • No-questions-asked coverage. These policies are ‘guaranteed’ because you will virtually always qualify no matter your conditions.  
    • Final expense coverage. This type of coverage can be used to help cover final expenses, medical bills and end-of-life debts.


Other Types of No-Exam Life Insurance Policies

Medically Underwritten Life Insurance

Today, many providers will underwrite conventional policies to customize them to your needs. Depending on the provider, you may not need to submit to a medical exam. This is in part because they will still request your medical history and family medical history, etc. The benefit of this avenue is that you still have the most robust set of policy options, with coverage ranging from $250,000 to several million dollars.


Employer-Sponsored Life Insurance

For those still in the workforce with employers who offer group life insurance plans, it provides an affordable option often with no medical exam. Coverage ranges a percentage of your salary, which may not be as limited as guaranteed issue’s cap.


Accidental Death Insurance

As the name suggests, this policy provides a benefit if you die in an accident or homicide. Some will also cover dismemberment, paralysis, or other severe injuries through a living benefit. This type of policy hardly covers your bases on its own, but it is worth mentioning as it does not require an exam. 


The Pros and Cons of No-Exam Life Insurance


  • Hassle-free; no waiting period
  • Easy-to-qualify and easy-to-fill-out application
  • Great for those with pre-existing health conditions that have difficulty qualifying for other life insurance policies
  • Great for those who work in risky occupations (firefighter, construction worker etc)


  • More expensive premiums than conventional policies
  • Limits your coverage considerably


How much are No-Exam Policies in comparison?

Based on 2022 data, no-exam policies are actually becoming more affordable. “The national average cost for life coverage with no exam is around $67.00 per month. This average is still more than the national average for a traditional term life policy of $53.00 per month; the rates are getting closer and more companies are offering no exam life coverage today.” – Simply Insurance So, while no-exam policies may run you over 25% more in premiums, the costs are not as high compared to conventional policies as they were in past years. 

Why are No-Exam Policies more expensive? 

Insurance companies are in the business of taking on risk. The heightened risk they take on by providing coverage without the insight of a medical exam is reflected in higher premium costs.

Can you borrow money from a no-exam life insurance policy?

If your no-exam policy has cash value, then yes. This type of life insurance is much the same as regular policies, the biggest difference being that no medical exam is required. So, if you have a permanent life insurance policy with cash value, it is available to you the same as any other policy barring your unique policy provider’s conditions.


Talk to a Life Insurance Expert at Saltmarsh Insurance

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