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Dear Linda,

Thank you for all your help in transitioning things from MA to WA. You have been wonderful and so helpful. Your level of service is top notch. I have yet to even come close to finding the same here in Seattle. I’m happy that we’ll continue to work together through the home insurance for our rental.

Have a wonderful rest of fall & start to the holiday season.


Tiffany & Ravi Mehta

Thank you Lois! This good service is why we do business with Saltmarsh.


Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and all you do for me. I get great service and really do appreciate your advice.

I truly am grateful. Thank you again and again!!!


Thank you for getting the duplicate registration for our Camry.

Kathleen is just terrific – we’d be lost without her, especially because we have 5 cars and she keeps us all up-to-date with all our needs.

Linda Sharkey

Saltmarsh has insured three generations of our family. They’ve made sure that all of our needs are taken care of, including our homes, autos, businesses and life insurance.

~ Catherine Looney

Dear Terri,

Thank you for all your help as I have endured the process of purchasing my first home. It is a charming house in a charming neighborhood. Thanks for answering all my questions, you are an insurance expert. I am very lucky to have you as my agent.

~ Louise Meehan


I belong to a chat line and the above comments came over it today and I agree with this gentleman. I too am a customer of Saltmarsh and Donna you are aces in my book too.

~ Mary Ann O’Callaghan

Hello fellow chatters,

I just want to take a moment to sing the praises of Saltmarsh Insurance Agency of Winchester, and in particular, Donna. Just before Christmas I was in an accident. Some idiot stopped, for no reason that anyone, including the idiot, could articulate in the middle of an intersection. He was rear-ended and then I rear-ended the Jeep that hit him. Neither of their cars had much damage, but because my bumper was lower than the Jeep’s spare tire, it crumpled my hood. My poor Buick looked like it went through a demolition derby. Sigh.

Well, I dutifully contacted my agent and they put the claim into Commerce for me. It took weeks for it to go through, but after calling Donna, she finally got things moving right along and I got my check within three or four days of calling her. I took it over to the shop to get repaired. While it had been in the shop, the adjuster calls me up and says that my rental car will go away shortly. I pointed out how it had taken nearly four weeks for them just to get me a check to get my car repaired and he backed down and told me he would authorize the car for a longer period. He left it at that.

Yesterday I finally got my car back. It looks great. I dropped off the rental car, contacted the agent to let him know everything was complete on my end and was just plain happy to get my car back.

Well, it cannot end that easily. Commerce’s claim adjuster calls me up this morning and tells me that they are only going to pay for the first 37 days I had the rental car, nothing else. I became a tad bit upset by this news and reminded him that he had told me that they would pay for longer, much longer as I was authorized for a $60 a day car and only took a $30 a day car. In addition, I pointed out, that it took them nearly a month to get their check to me so I could get it to a body shop, and during that month the car sat at my home, not at a shop where they were being charged storage. He became very defensive and told me it was my problem. I informed him flat out that I would take this to court and he promptly got off of the phone.

I called Donna at Saltmarsh. She was very nice, listened quietly to me rant and rave, and then said she would look into it. Donna not only looked into it, she called me a while ago and let me know that it was all take care of, that Commerce would pay for the rental car for the entire time I had it. Hooray for Saltmarsh and hooray for Donna. It really does make sense to have an insurance agent that will fight for you with the agency! ~ Thanks again Donna and Saltmarsh, you made a bad situation much better!



Thanks so much for your help yesterday. After a difficult day, it’s so nice to know that there are people out there like you. You are the “why” that I like doing business at Saltmarsh… It’s great to be a valued customer in the true sense!

~ Tina (Snider)


I think Saltmarsh Insurance is one of the few remaining companies that puts its customers first, appreciates its customers, and provides them with excellent service. My hat is off to you and everyone at Saltmarsh.

~ Elizabeth Potter


Your company is so easy to work with, it is a pleasure doing business with you.

~ Bob Allen, VP Granite

Dear Whip,

Just a note to thank you for putting together a great team at your agency. After the total loss we had on our car I anticipated endless forms to fill out and a long drawn out affair.. NOT SO! Lois, a gem, guided us through the process in less time and with less difficulty then I thought possible. Many Thanks Again.

~ Sincerely, Paul Chase

Hello Denise,

I looked over the various quotes you gave me and I am impressed and quite thankful for your help as well as input. Thanks a bunch!

~ Abhik


“Thank you so much for the help and generosity you have given throughout this process. I have been more than pleased with the support I have received. I have heard many nightmares from others when it come to car purchases and handling insurance; however, you have made it quite pleasing and simple.

I speak on my behalf and my family’s when I say thank you for all your support and help! I look forward to continuing business with you!”

~ Zachary Bruce

Dear Whip,

It is a pleasure to deal with a company who still understands the value of great customer service. I’d like to take the opportunity also to tell you what a gem you have in Lois…although I am sure you know. We have had our car policies there for years and the service has always been outstanding. Our children have also been driving for years and I can’t tell you the peace of mind that comes when I hear them say…”I’ll just call Lois”…whether it was when they were buying a new car or those one or two minor accidents.

Thanks again and looking forward to many more years of partnership.

~ Margaret and Mike Clarke

You have always given us excellent service, and we are happy to know that you and your staff are there to help when we need you.

Best wishes.

~ Joanna Glennon

Hi Donna,

Theresa and I really appreciate the great help and guidance you have provided — it’s nice to save money and all, but more important is that you are a pro, understand the ins and outs and are getting us the right products. Thanks.

~ Tom & Theresa Harrison


Its so nice to have you as our agent — super service!

~ Christine Sacco

Dear Whip,

Thank you for arriving on the scene and taking charge of tree and house. What a relief to know we would be taken care of and we will be able to stay in the house.

We are blessed to have you in our family. Hopefully we are done with tree events and can enjoy the rest of the summer!

Consuelo & Richard

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