Updated Energy Guides

For almost twenty years, the Energy Saver Guide has offered tips for saving money and energy at home. Now, a new and updated version is available, offering information that is applicable to 2017 and beyond.

The Energy Save Guide includes tried-and-true tips on how to get a home energy audit, weatherize your home, heat and cool more efficiently, and reduce your electricity use. The latest edition also provides information about how to use smart thermostats, connect with your utility to monitor your energy use, and use smart appliances—things we definitely weren’t talking about when we released the very first guide 20 years ago!

While the Energy Saver website provides detailed, in-depth information on improving the efficiency of your home, the guide provides an overview of all of the areas to consider when you’re trying to save energy. We recommend starting with the guide, drafting your to-do list, and then moving on to the website for more details.

Some of our recommendations are easy and inexpensive home improvements—you can tackle these projects to immediately increase your comfort and lower energy bills. Other upgrades may require you to consult an expert for recommendations that make the most sense for your home and your family.

Either way, the guide and the website empower you to approach your choices as an educated consumer. Download the guide and get started today!

Original Article from energy.gov

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